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The Visionary Pioneer


Bishop Dr. Henry Zakayo Mulandi

Bishop Dr. Henry Zakayo Mulandi

I was born on 4th May 1948, under a banana tree, and my mother fed me with fermented porridge. There was famine in Ukambani due to frequent crop failures and scanty rain. In very few days did we have enough food to eat and it was tough growing up as a teenager.

I was the 4th born in a family of 9. My father had two other wives from his brothers who had gone to the First World War and never came back, so he assumed responsibility and got children with them. Traditionally, they were his wives but one of them, organized how my mother could be married to my father and I was the son of my own mum and dad.

I went to a mission church that had been started by the African Inland Mission near my village. I went to play with peers in the church on Sundays after a week’s boredom, and as I went to church, I developed a desire to know Christ.The question of death and living in hell forever haunted me and I would discuss it with other

teenagers. I lacked peace till at age 17 when I gave my life to Jesus.

Am married to Betty Wangui, and we have 3 children; Katherine Nthinya, Moses Mulandi married to Jessie Mumbi and Paul Muchiri married to Irene Kawira. We are blessed with grandchildren too.


While in high school at Thika Technical, I was filled with the Holy Spirit. We started going to neighboring schools such as; Thika High School, Chania High School, Mundia Secondary and Equator High School, where we caused a stir and a revival started. There was an organization made up of Thika Christi an Unions, which organized big rallies, weekend challenges and also went within the district preaching the gospel.


In 1972 we started attending camps by the trinity fellowship and Kenya students’ Christian fellowships

camps. When we were travelling to Tanzania for a mission, a man named Watson Omulokoli nicknamed us Gorillas for Christ. We preached in Arusha and Moshi and the surrounding villages. Amongst the people who went to Tanzania, were Mutava Musyimi , Watson Omulokoli and Peter Onguko. We went to schools, churches and began to behave just like gorillas. We would go to a church without invitation and ask for a chance to sing and testify for two minutes, and then it would be 5, then 10 minutes then we would pray for people to be saved. Due to that some churches begun to chase us, and then we would hit and run. That’s how the Gorillas began in 1973. The mainline churches; the Anglicans, Presbyterians, and Methodists negatively took the name. They used that word to our disadvantage.

We organized the Regions Beyond Ministries in 1976. I was the chairman; Charles Nkuru now of Nkubu bookshop Meru, was the secretary and Ibrahim Omondi was our first treasurer. Bishop Peter Kibe took over from me later on when I travelled overseas. RBM did work in high schools colleges and we did many camps in Kirangari, Mang’u, Mumbi Girls, Emma Girls, Kagumo, Nyandarua, Njoro, Thika High School. A great movement of young people followed us as we preached the gospel.

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