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The Visionary Pioneer


Bishop Dr. Henry Zakayo Mulandi

Bishop Dr. Henry Zakayo Mulandi

30 years looks short. It’s been a tough journey trying to establish a ministry and a church. We started C.C.I.T formerly known as the Thika Christian Church under the African Christian church of east Africa. We held a camp in Kiambu Institute in August of 1980. After the camp we had The Kenya for Jesus crusades in Thika Town where we went and preached the gospel. We did that under Regions Beyond Ministry. My interpreter was Bishop Julius Muiruri now in Britain. Others present were Andrew Muturi, Bishop Stephen Mwangi, Mama Emma, and brother Kahihu. They all joined us in those crusades and the Lord impressed upon us to begin a fellowship, which met at mama Emma’s house. We had a problem in calling it a church. Later we took out the fellowship after the crusades and had our first service at Thika Technical School. That was the beginning of C.C.I.T.

One can fill in the rest of the blanks but I went to college right after that, I left Peter Kibe in charge of this fellowship for one year. He was in charge and it was quite a task to raise the group due to their different doctrines. I knew very well that God had called me to start this home church after praying and waiting on God. I had been an evangelist for 9 years, and I wrote to the elders in Nanyuki who had ordained me and I told them of God’s call upon my heart to plant a church in Thika Town, and they gave their blessing. There were a few congregations of ACCEA, but today those churches are not there. So this Thika Christian Church became the mother church of this large denomination.

From Thika Technical we went to the Thika Pastoral Youth Centre, a Catholic Youth Center next to General Kago for almost a year. When I came back in the summer of 1981 my family was staying in Machakos, my wife and our 2 children, Katherine and Moses. That’s where I had been posted as a schoolteacher and had taught for 4 years. When I went to college overseas I left them there. When I came back we moved to Thika in August of 1981, to UTI, where we live to today. When we came to Thika, Peter Kibe was not there to hand over to us for he had already left. This church may not know or talk about him much but I would like to Honor Bishop Peter Kibe as the first pastor of C.C.I.T. As he runs RBM and the small congregation it was quite a big challenge for him.

From Thika Youth Pastoral Center we went to Mundia. One of the grounds men, John Malombe a catholic, had gotten saved. That became a head-on collision with the Catholic Church and they told us to leave the place. They were afraid we were going to lead more people to the Lord. I went to the mayor that time who was Councilor Mundia. He had a school called Mundia Secondary School that Later became Central High School we requested for a place to meet.

Many churches were meeting in that place, and the only time we could get was 12 o’clock on Sundays. So it was quite a challenge to change from 10 o’clock in the morning to noon. The church grew from a handful of people to filling up that classroom. By the time we left Mundia Secondary School we and

We stayed in Mundia for a while without any of us having the title of a pastor. Those of us who were leading were all brothers until one morning I made an announcement and brother Kavangu (gone to be with the Lord) stood up to emphasize it. He said, ‘remember what the pastor has said’. These words cracked the silence of that service because we were not using those titles it stuck, and from then on I was known as pastor Mulandi.

In 1983 we moved to Community Center, rented by the Thika municipal council. The biggest challenge we had was that many other people used the social hall. The worst was Friday and Saturdays evenings it would used by drunkards. Other Sundays we would we find a big boxing ring right in the middle of the hall and we would preach from it, as people sat all around It. Ladies had to clean up the Hall used as a toilet the previous night and it was such a big challenging but they were very committed and it didn’t matter. Majengo evangelistic team started there and went all over majengo preaching, and many people got to know Jesus Christ and were baptized. Children were born to us like our son Paul and others too. The church became a family with a very strong youth movement.

Community Hall became too small for us, and we moved to a place opposite Metal Box. We got a room, which we used, for offices, a vocational training school and also a church. That’s where we stayed the longest. We began other departments such as Vocational School and a nursery school. I remember Carol Munyao and Paul Muchiri went to that nursery school before they went to standard one.

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