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The Visionary Pioneer

Church Growth

The prayer meetings were very powerful and in our preaching, we saw results. People got saved, healed and delivered. We had powerful crusades all Thika town; lunch hour meetings and evening crusades. We did crusades at the makongeni bus stop, which is currently the market place. Sometime earlier when we did not have a place to meet and we would walk to Weitethie for Friday prayer night keshas, since it was our first church building.

While we were fundraising to have our own plot, there happened to be an advertisement for municipality plots for commercial, residential and church purposes. Mr. Wamwangi the then town clerk of Thika Municipality helped me identify one that was later allocated to us, where the cathedral stands today. We pitched a tent in phase 8 where we stayed for a while before moving it here. We then combined the service in metal box and the one from phase 8 to make the congregation we have today.

We had discipleship programs here in the church and youth activities that have really helped the youth from time to time. In 2000 for example we had TGIF (Thank God It’s Friday) that brought all youths from school who danced the whole night, preached the gospel, sang and many other things. That became one of the tools for keeping young people here.

The gorilla mentality started changing as we realized that we were not going to heaven right away, which never happened. A few brethren actually died; In Nyandarua we lost a young girl in a camps when she was hijacked by some guys while on her way home early in the morning. She jumped out of the truck when it was moving and her head was crushed. At Thika High school when we had a very big camp, another girl died in the dormitory due to sudden sickness.

When we started CCIT we wanted to see all the ministries functioning which have definitely happened. We deliberately empowered and prepared leaders according to Ephesians these gifts are given to prepare ministers for the works of God.

In 1993 we had the walk to raise funds for the church office building. The challenge list is very long, and one that really stands out is of other churches really stood up against us and accused us of being devil worshippers and some people did not want to associate with us. They said we were killing people and keeping human parts in our offices and that scared People from being associated as worshippers with us. In the 80’s we were accused of training gorillas to overthrow the Kenyan Government, and Betty and

I slept on the floor of police cells for a couple of nights. Somebody had written a letter accusing us that we were receiving money from abroad to do that but after the investigations, we were cleared.

We were also accused of buying people by giving them money and clothes to come to our church. We actually gave people donated clothes but our motive was not to buy them. The worst thing was that it was the Pentecostal churches that would begin these stories and not the mainland churches. That worked out for good to people who came to find out the truth of what they heard, and the Lord would be moving and they would get saved and confess of why they had come. I received my first salary of 1200/= after 3 years in September 1983 to pay rent. It had been a walk of faith having lived with no salary. How we made it God knows. My wife was a schoolteacher and had a salary of 2,700/=. There were nights we simply asked God to give us our daily bread and He did. I can’t recall days we went without food for God would send someone to give us food. No cell phones then, but we had one in the office though we did not call anyone, we simply prayed and God provided. One day a lady came from Kirinyaga with cabbages and potatoes and we asked her how she knew about our plight and she told us that God told her. Another time somebody came from Kinangop carrying a load of vegetables. We would have food for days when God provided in this miraculous ways. So when people look at this big ministry they can hardly imagine that it started with those shortcomings and those challenges. God has been faithful.It’s exciting to see someone get saved, grow in the faith and become a minister, like Rev. Arthur Kithinji. He got saved in phase 8 and today he is pastoring with us. Children who have been born here have grown up to become ministers too, like Pst Rupert, the little boy coming to Sunday school, grows up and later on he becomes a minister in this church!

Today I can say that CCIT has given birth to more than 300 churches. I was the first Authorized minister and today there are very many pastors and Bishops. Bishop Munyoki walked up out here to be a volunteer and today he is the bishop in Murang’a. That’s a mother that did not have birth control!

CCIT was used by the Lord to start churches like Weiteithie, Juja Joy (a big church that has produced Bishops), Miracle Valley, Neema, Delmonte, kiganjo called Shammah and Munyu. The list of the churches we have helped to start from this little congregation is endless. We commissioned a group led by John Kilonzo as an elder and sent those to Ndunyu where they not only established a church but many, 20 churches that formed a region. That is God’s work even others churches being initiated to CCIT directly such as Mitero Christian Church. This church alone has raised three Bishops.

There are no regrets except for those who left and never succeeded. Some left because we failed to recognize their calls and they started their own ministries. If we had known maybe we would have helped them succeed. Today, I find myself more open and willing to help them succeed. We as a church are very reluctant in restoration and I regret this weak area. I see some people here with the spirit of destruction rather than having a father’s heart. When the prodigal son left, the father never settled for he was always looking out for the lost son even though he let him go initially. I am okay in mentoring others today than I was before. I know I have made so many mistakes. To sight an example, when DECI a pyramid scheme came, I made a terrible mistake. I did not want people to get involved in it and I knew in my heart that was a scheme to get people’s money. After it failed I felt very bad, and as a watchman of the people I was the first person to stand in church and say I failed the church and asked for forgiveness and the church forgave me. For those who never forgave me, I don’t know what they have done with that. My problem is that we never dealt with the issue as a church.

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