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The Visionary Pioneer


I started as an evangelist and in 1975 I was ordained as a reverend. In 1980, I was ordained by late Archbishop Kiriathe. I really did not have a committee or anybody to give me the title of a pastor but because I had been ordained, Halleluiah, I joined my first wedding the summer of 1975. I was pastoring the youths in the country and also a couple in Meru. The church called me (I never asked to be ordained) and said that they could see a ministry in me. In 1974 I had a very big crusade in Thika near where Trikha was, then in April I went to Murang’a and did another big crusade there and went to other places holding crusades with Bishop Margaret Wangari. We also went to Nyeri and held crusades too. Many people were healed and saved. By the end of 1974 and early 1975 I had a big crusade in Nanyuki where those wazees following me said that they saw a minister with integrity and a call of God upon my life. They wanted to ordain me but I was so scared incase my friends deserted me. So I requested if they take this ordination way into the bush and we would just go there on a Sunday morning, do a service and they ordained me. That’s what happened. They ordained me in a church at Muramati Secondary. I did not have witnesses from the Gorilla movement to avoid contention and rejection. People would be shocked when after being sent away from other churches I would pull out a civil marriage certificate book to join them in a wedding. I did that in Murang’a and Kinangop. We planted churches and by 1986 we had 57 churches and I was overseeing them with CCIT being one of them. The wazees once again declared that I deserved to be consecrated as a Bishop. They organized the ordination to coincide with a camp held in August at Thika High School. I remember that the rice was so badly cooked since we did not have women to organize the cooking. Many wazees came such as late Bishop Kiriathe and the late Reverend James Geita who was by then the Secretary General of ACCEA.

In 1991, I became the head of the church. I was to be made the Arch Bishop but refused because my mentor Bishop Arthur Kitonga was not and I did not want to dishonor him being my senior. I refused to wear the gown and only accepted the shirt and the collar, Kofia pia nikakataa.

In regard to the cross and the dove (Holy Spirit) I did not make that. We have borrowed a lot from many different churches and systems. We really can’t refer to ourselves as purely Pentecostal.

We have spent a lot of our time trying to establish structures like Church council, National Executive Council, National Administrative Council, Diocese and Diocese Council and how they function. We also made a constitution in order to give the church a solid ground and avoid any future fighting’s. There is a structure laid down so that we don’t have to beat about the bush.We attempted to change from ACCEA during my 10th year but the Government was very reluctant. We had a vision for the world outside Africa so the word Africa limited US and East Africa. That’s how we went for International Christian Church. It didn’t happen until Bishop Godfrey Gakure became the presiding Bishop in 2004.

The challenges we’ve had is that there are people who felt that this church belongs to them and we had court battles since 1994. Richard Mkulima from Nanyuki wanted to take over the church by force and he sued us in court and that case is still on. I became the chairman and the presiding Bishop in 1991 but Bishop Tuimising of Deliverance Church consecrated me to the office. He also came to receive us during the walk in 1993. Later after that he came to officiate my enthronement as the Presiding Bishop of the denomination. I served for two 5-year terms till 2002 when my two terms were over. Godfrey Gakure took over as the presiding Bishop and went for five years. Then Bishop Kamiri took over.

Advice for Younger or Upcoming Ministers

Stay on course. Keep to the Word and don’t dilute or reduce it. Pursue the one who has called you. Have a relationship with him and He will bring to pass His call upon your life.

Challenges in the Family

Bishop Dr. Henry Zakayo Mulandi

The Mulandis Family: From Left: Moses, Henry, Kathyrine, Betty, Paul.

If I were to start again I would do it a little different. I was too busy with the ministry, thinking it was number one but I was wrong. I realized later that the family should have been number 1 and the ministry number 2. I challenge any upcoming ministers to take up the challenge, take your family seriously. One Sunday when we had a children’s dedication, a lady I knew well walked in front with her baby to be dedicated and I looked for her husband and I did not see him. When we came out I asked her where her husband was and she Oh, he went to preach in a Sunday Service some other place’ she replied. And I was so offended. And I thought those are the mistakes that upcoming ministers do. A dedication of your kid or their baptism is very important and you need to be there. Now as a church we are moving into having grandchildren. I would encourage the church that when one is being baptized, let him walk and find mum and dad, grandfather and grandmother if they are there. Let us have some family members come around that little child anddedicate it to God.

Now that CCIT is 30 years, we are almost 3 generations old. Among us we have those generations to stand around a dedication of a kind, an ordination into a ministry, a baptism. We used to have godfathers and godmothers in those mainline churches to hold you accountable. I think we need to hold into account some of those things and move in that direction. We are a family now and we have roots in this church. We have people you cannot move from here simply because they were born and raised here. That’s all they know, CCIT. One point that stood out as a milestone was for this church was to build the cathedral. We put our effort in building and own it ourselves. It was not build from friends outside although we had many groups coming to assist and to help with building. We have tried as much as possible to own it by coming to do physical work on the site and by contributing. Sunday school came and pulled wheelbarrows different times youths came and built at different times and so also did the married men and women. So there is a sense of ownership that has developed in this church. Of course there are those who took shortcuts and left because they did not want to sacrifice in building but we invite them to come back. We forgive them for running away and not taking responsibility. They are welcome back to build. CCIT is here to touch many people in the world, not just Kenyans.

Weird Ministries

I want to use an example with marriage, why do people negotiate, take dowry and spend time doing all that? Which marriages last long; the come we stay or the one that people have worked hard for, laid a foundation and developed relationship. We know that come we stay marriages don’t stay long. Some might but very few.  It is the same with ministry. You need to teach doctrine and have it practiced. But if you are building a storeyed house, it calls for a firm foundation. That’s what ministries lack; a strong foundation of leaders. Many of those kinds of ministries are a one-man thing. It’s all built on one man and that’s how cults develop. You know a one- man thing cannot be questioned or corrected. He becomes the god in this movement.


Many have been there, worst was that I was dead. This happened several times. I was called by people who were surprised that I did receive their call. Rumor had it that I had married a second wife. Somebody would take my car and leave me with his and then he would pack outside a certain lady’s house several nights. So a woman comes one night to pray with my wife and says that she really sympathized with her because her husband stays with another woman. And my wife asks what she meant since her husband is in the house. The lady was very shocked. So when I heard about it, I decided to find out. And it did not occur that somebody was using my car. It was an elder whom we later excommunicated from the church when we found out what he was doing.


I started business in 1983 from my first vehicle that I sold. Somebody gave me money to buy a vehicle and

I did not like it. Then I sold it and bought the humble house where I live in UTI. And selling that vehicle really encouraged me to keep on. I learnt that people needed vehicles from overseas. They would give me money to buy them vehicles from Japan. But during my travel I had known a little bit of shipping, those kinds of transactions, so people would entrust me with money. And they would give me money and ask me to bring them a vehicle. It is not until 1996 when I stopped that business because a lot of people who had come to me had found shortcuts for acquiring vehicles later I handed over that business to another businessman in town.

I began farming, by selling charcoal from the trees I had cleared. That gave me money to get into farming. Later in the 90’s I went to the bank and borrowed money. I have borrowed millions, thousands many times and I have been able to pay. Many banks today still call me and ask me to go for loans. I would borrow money against my house, my car and am able to pay slowly from the produce. At the moment am enjoying selling tomatoes. By the end of the year I will be selling flowers into the European market. Over the years I have been able to start a company, ”Trinity Tours and Safari’s”. My son runs it and we are getting people from all over the world today to do Safari,to Masai  Mara. And that’s how I started.

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