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C.C.I. Calendar of Event 2014

Date                                                                               Events

January 6th – 12th                                                  1st C.C.I. Prayer week

February 13th – 14th                                              1st NEC / Prayer Kesha

March 10th                                                                 Men Sunday

April                                                                              International Impact College (IIC)

April 20th                                                                   Children Sunday

April 23rd – 26th                                                      Ministers Conference /prayers

May 4th                                                                        Youth Sunday

June 8th                                                                        Mission Sunday

June 10th – 22nd                                                       Mission to Rwanda and Congo

June 30th – July 6th                                                2nd C.C.I. Prayer week

July 13th                                                                       Women Sunday

July 17th – 19th                                                          2nd NEC / Prayer Day

August                                                                            International Impact College (IIC)

August 25th – 29th                                                    C.C.I. International Conference

September 14th                                                          Widows/Widowers/Orphans

October 12th                                                                Pastors Appreciation Day

November 13th – 14th                                             3rd NEC /Prayer Kesha

November 26th – 29th                                             Ministers’ Wives Conference

December                                                                      International Impact College (IIC)

December 31st                                                            End of Year Kesha


Christian Church International Global Cathendral Thika We are located at:
Makongeni Thika Garissa Highway Kamenu Junction
Tel: +254 712 624785
Box: 3809 - 01002, Thika