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Welcome To The Christian Church International (C.C.I.) Website

Christian Church International (C.C.I.) - Bishop Joseph Kamiri

Bishop Joseph Kamiri

This website is aimed at disseminating information concerning the general operations of the entire church.

Christian Church International has its office located along Garissa Road, Makongeni, Thika opposite BAT factory. This church was founded in 1980 through the leadership of Bishop Henry Mulandi. Since that time the church has grown in leaps and bounds. Currently there are about 300 branches in Kenya. C.C.I. has planted some churches in other parts of the world. There are a few congregations in Uganda, Congo, Rwanda and South Bend in the U.S.A.

It is hoped that you will enjoy visiting this website. You are requested to make comment and give suggestions in order to improve on this website as all of us endeavor to nurture the church of Jesus Christ. Glory be to His Name!

C.C.I. Mission Statement

Individually or collectively we will seek to deepen our relationship with Christ and take His love and power to every one in our community and the world, winning the lost to Christ; building them in faith; equipping them to minister or serve and multiply to maturity for leadership. Eph 1:22; Matt 28:19-20

C.C.I. Administrative Structure

The highest authority in C.C.I. is rested on the National Executive Council (NEC). The current Presiding Bishop is the chairman of the council, which consists of 21 members. The NEC members are elected at a National pastor’s council and ratified in succeeding Annual General Meeting. The main duty of the NEC is to manage the businesses of the church and give directions to the office bearers as to the manner in which, within the law, they will perform their duties.

Under the NEC is the National Administrative Council (NAC). NAC members are derived from the NEC. The Presiding Bishop is also the Chairman of NAC. The National Administrative Council does most of the day to day businesses of the NEC.

Other organs of C.C.I. are shown in the Organization chart below

May God bless you as you partner with us in the development of this website by sharing with us your ideas and insights.

Bishop Joseph Kamiri

CCI Organisation Chart - click to enlarge


Christian Church International Global Cathendral Thika We are located at:
Makongeni Thika Garissa Highway Kamenu Junction
Tel: +254 712 624785
Box: 3809 - 01002, Thika