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We all know CCI, but perhaps, none of us know the journey behind it. Understanding history plays a crucial role in defining the culture of any organization. Welcome to the journey edition bringing you the history of CCI church from its conception to the present day scenario and its designed future. Let us walk this mind-blowing journey together. 

Like any other church, CCI has had its own share of transformation process. It began as a dream in a young man’s mind (currently ArchBishop Mulandi) in the year 1980 who had travelled from Rosedale Bible College to visit Kenya in August the same year for a break. He found a few brethren had started a fellowship in Thika and shared the burden with them. They gladly accepted thus establishing African Christian Church of East Africa (ACCEA)-present day CCI. During this time, resources were scarce and conducting ministry seemed impossible.

There was no luxury in travelling, no money to meet the expenses, hostile environments in some institutions but all these could not prevent the work of God from happening. Ministers had to walk long distances to attend a crusade or mission activities. A few people chose to leave employment to join hands and bring the vision to fruition. The brethren were on spiritual fire and spread the gospel from Thika Technical to other institutions and villages without ceasing. Open air meetings were conducted and many people gave their lives to Christ. Brotherhood care was paramount and every member of the group felt important thus making the operations easier.Currently, CCI has grown to 528 churches divided into 8 dioceses and 4 regions with 10 bishops.

This growth can be attributed to the growth in population, an increase in the number of people surrendering their lives to Christ, and availability different resources to spread the gospel. Also, many churches have subdivided their fellowship into home churches that makes it easier for individuals to interact at their local levels and reduce the burden of one leader dealing with large masses. The church is heavily involved in mission activities through the mission’s arm, African Christian Mission International (ACMI). Several mission areas including high schools, church planting, and college ministry are well-conducted. We have International School of Missions (ISOM) that empowers young people with ministry skills and exposes them to the real world situation through practical experience.

PPI is a crucial program in primary schools for future generation and CCI is not left behind when it comes to engaging schools. To foster spiritual accountability, the church’s constitution was amended to accommodate apostolic appointment of leaders rather than election process that encouraged significant amount of conflicts every electioneering period.

Christian Church International

The Founder

HOA (66)

ArchBishop Henry and Reverend Betty Mulandi

CCI Founders

Welcome to CCI, a growing church with Kingdom values. This is a church that I look forward to having significant values to its members and the society at large. We are focusing on the current young generation (pp1, pp2, and grade 1) learners through PPI program in schools since this is the team that will form CCI membership in future. The country’s future purely relies on this children as they will be holding influential positions in government and other agencies. At their prime time, I foresee a situation where the church will have vibrant members who are thirsty for the word of God and are ready to sacrifice their resources including time and finances for the sake of spreading the gospel in their respective areas of operation. They will serve the Lord in a balanced way instead of picking one miracle and running with it to confuse the crowds.

It is my desire to see a church regaining its flavor in missions and outreaches, evangelism, and preaching to have quality believers rather than just amassing crowds. I anticipate a situation where these transformations will boost the church’s economic growth and reach a level of handling a budget of Kshs. 1 billion to manage the projects and build institutions.

The change in the church’s constitution is an indication that the institution is headed the right direction since apostolic appointment strategy will eliminate the political practices that affect the day-to-day functioning of the church due to the dust left behind by brethren who might not accomplish their leadership desires. The move was meant to streamline the transition process and ensure seamless change process when choosing leaders from generation to the other. People will understand that the institution is beyond them and it will outlive them thus their work is to serve honestly when given opportunity and create space for other individuals to lead. CCI will become a powerhouse for transformation on the generations to come and that will be my joy as part of the people who were involved in its small beginning. God bless CCI God bless you all. SHALOM!

Archbishop Dr. Henry and  Rev. Betty Mulandi are the  Founders of Christian Church International, Region Beyond Ministry, Chistian Bible Institute (International Impact College), Christian Centre for Christian Discipleship, Leadership Training Institute, African Christian Mission Internatoinal, International School of Missions. They have also started the following projects/programs; Child Sponsorship Program, Vacational Training College, Dayspring Academy. Archbishop Dr. Henry is the Presiding Bishop of CCI , International Director of ACMI, Vice President of International Mission Association. He is an author, business man, farmer and a spiritual father to many son. Rev. Betty Mulandi is a business lady, a pastor, mentor and a spiritual mother to many.  Together they have 3 biological children, and  9 grandchildren.


A growing Church that embraces Kingdom Values


To reach out the lost and make the saints fruitful.